How would you like your very own "" email address,
meaning you could have any name you want,

As this is a new venture, just about everything is available.

Check your email anywhere by
logging into your webmail account.


Have it forwarded to your usual email account



I Have No Idea About setting up Email ??

No Problem.

If you already have an email address that you use ,
whether it be a Hotmail, Yahoo, Google or whatever email address,
we can forward this email address to that one.
All you need to do is tell us what email address you wish to use.

Yoy can also set it up to be used on your own computer thro' your email program
whether it be, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook or Window's Live Mail.

You tell people that your email address is,
then when they send you an email, it will go to the address you have
asked us to send it too.


You could have your very own "first"
or your ""
or your "favourite footballers"
or your "favourite popstars"
or "someone"

whatever you want ,(within reason) .


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